I have not won any major awards for patience. I have not been recognized in the community, been in the local newspapers, or been led to any podiums to preach about my gift of patience.

A couple of years ago, I threw my trailer ball through the window of my Suburban because I locked myself out of the car. I was really hungry and didn’t have time to wait for a Locksmith before I starved to death. In my defense, it was after a marathon and Dodge’s has really good pizza. It was not a very good demonstration of patience and it was also a costly decision (notice I said “decision” not “lesson”…a lesson would imply that I learned something).

The going rate for a Suburban window is about $350 bucks, a locksmith is about $60, and a pizza is about $15. I feel like I got off easy because when I swung the trailer ball receiver, it slipped outta my hands, flew through the window and almost went through the other side window as well. Fortunately, it just smacked the interior door handle.

I can throw my trailer ball through every window that I own whenever I please. I can push my way through the front of the line and raise my voice whenever things aren’t going exactly the way I want them to go. Outside of keeping my actions within legal limits, there is no amount of patience necessary in my life.

I get so frustrated with patient people. They make life look so easy. I wish patience was something that could be practiced. It would be nice to live a life that was from unnecessary frustrations. It’s a shame that there is nothing I can do about my lack of patience. It’s frustrating to me that the outside world is responsible for my short temper and quick fuse. I wish that there was more I could do.


Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,