It’s important.

As far as importance goes, it’s important.

I have a broken important-er. I am not sure what it means for something to be important. In my case, I have a list of priorities whereby I assign a label to each one and give them a rank of importance. My list of important items is dynamic and shifts without warning. The most important thing in the world to me right now could very well be forgotten or tucked away by lunchtime today. However, I always keep an important thing handy and I am sure to make it monumentally huge and overwhelmingly stressful.

The pendulum of importance swings wide and gashes aggressively. What I believe to be important will never fall in line with what the world around deems to be such. Importance is based on circumstances, scenarios, and situations combined with past experiences and then inflated to the maximum degree to ensure that there is a certain degree of stress in my life at all times.

Making my bed is important to me. College football is important to me. Exercise is important to me. My family is important to me. Writing is important to me. All of the sudden, hanging a speaker will become important; a wire for my computer becomes important; fixing a broken lawnmower becomes important. Often times, I expect the people around me to understand my list of important items and make my concerns equally important in their lives as well. The problem comes when I assign a degree of stress to these things and I am not in a position to participate or nurture any of them. I usually make things the most important when I cannot do anything about them.

Situations become exponentially important when I have little to no control over them. The less control I have, the more anxiety is assigned to it.

I was told to place “first things first.” It was then suggested that if I make that first thing to be faith then my list of important items takes care of itself.

Faith, peppered with good intentions and a dash of action, seems to be a good recipe to cover up the bitter taste of anxiety that comes served with the fictional narrative I create to make things “important”.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,