“I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.”
–Groucho Marx

When I originally became involved with Lift Heavy Run Long, my first order of business was to make sure that I opened it up to everyone I knew. Inclusivity was of utmost importance to me and I am forever thankful that Von was generous enough to let me open the doors to something that he had every right to keep all his own. Not everyone was happy about this decision. People like exclusivity. We like to believe that we have earned the right to be a part of something that not everyone can be a part of. While there are many instances where exclusivity is necessary, there are plenty of situations where the idea of it serves only to feed ego by way of feeling superior to someone else. This is not how I roll.

The reason I am alive today is that of inclusivity. I was welcomed into the CrossFit, running and recovery communities and there were virtually zero requirements for being a part of these groups. People let me be a member of their communities without requiring me to run an eight-minute mile, squat 300lbs, or stay sober for a certain amount of days. I have always appreciated this.

I was recently asked, “How many members are in your organization?”. My answer to this is two- fold;

  1. There are as many members in Lift Heavy Run Long as there are people who have any desire to be active and want to call themselves members.
  2. It is not my organization- it belongs to the members.

Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was asked by Time Magaizine,

“Who exactly is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous?”.

His response was,

“Whoever says they are.”

I like his style.

I want Lift Heavy Run Long to have a similar feel. I want people to know that there is no universal “Heavy” or implicit  “Long”. It is a community. It is there for people who want a place to feel safe, supported and have some fun. It is a place to find motivation and a place to give it. It is a place people meet you where you are and help you get better. It is a place to be involved or a place to watch from afar- your involvement is strictly up to you. It is a place to laugh at ourselves and enjoy laughing with others. It is a place designed to give you that “nudge” and get you on the path of that bad decision. It is a place that encourages risks and celebrates success. It is a place that embraces failure and appreciates the attempt. It is a place that encourages passion and understands the obsession. It is a place that is waiting for you when you are ready to take that first step and will be here when you finish the last mile. It is a place where the 5K and the 500 miler hold the same value and are heralded the same. It is a place to enjoy accomplishments and not destroy them.

Lift Heavy Run Long is not in competition with anyone or anything because we are here in support of success, in all its forms. Lift Heavy Run Long is whatever you want it to be and it is composed of whoever says they are part of it….

…except for dicks. Dicks are not welcome. Y’all can form your own group.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,