“How many squirrels have given their lives due to their inability to make a decision?”
—Internet meme guy

Indecision is a killer.

My existence often consists of one, big, anxiety-filled loop. The loop is filled with the confusion of the decision that sits in front of me, combined with contemplation of those decisions previously made. It’s like a disease. I can’t seem to shake it.

I have a history of poor decision making, but that is not the same as indecision. Most of my poor decisions have come about due to a large degree of selfishness, and my propensity to want to have fun over making responsible choices. My indecision is what provides me with the stress and uneasiness.

Indecision is like the streamers on a high-flying kite. As that kite waves proudly through the wind-filled air, it perfectly suits it’s function, just like the rest of the kites. The problem, however, is when the wind stops blowing, and everything slows down, those big, beautiful streamers get tangled up, and life turns into a big, knotty mess.

In terms of making “good” versus “bad” decisions, the amount of time that I have to ponder the situation usually has no bearing on the quality of my decision. My bad decisions are usually made with at least a partial degree of knowledge that I am making a bad decision; I just am willing to accept the consequences. The indecision is a different story all-together.

If I want to enjoy a higher level of serenity in my life, I need to learn to take the information that is in front of me, and make my decision with the best of intentions and purest of motives…..and leave it at that. Move on. Accept it. Get past it. And, continue on with my day.

I must accept that bad decisions are part of life, and all I can do is work with the information that I have. On the same level, I need to understand that indecision is more of an unhealthy choice. A habit. A personality trait. A trait which is unhealthy, annoying, and sometimes even unsafe to those around me.

I am not implying that I will start flipping a coin or throwing whenever there is a decision to be made. What I am saying is that I will level-up in terms of my self-confidence, and have more faith in my ability to make a good decision. Along the same lines, I will accept that there will be plenty of bad decisions in my future, and will have faith in myself that I will overcome the adversity provided with them, and continue moving forward.

Today, I am trimming the fat of unnecessary anxiety which stands in the way of my enjoyment of life’s big show. I have floor-level seats to watch God’s grand performance, and I am busy stressing over whether I want an aisle or middle seat.

Decide and move along.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,