There are days I wonder why I work so hard at the things in life I love and find important to me.  Collapsing into bed at night knowing I put in the work that day no matter what it was for means it was a day well lived.  I think that’s why I like running up hills and in the winter I love to cross country ski up hills.  It’s hard work but the reward is feeling so alive.  Gasping for air, chest heaving, legs burning, and then turning around and looking down the path you just traveled knowing that you got where you are on your own effort.  Hard work with instant reward.  Very few places or things in life that we work hard for provide that quick return on investment.

We’re a group that doesn’t shy away from hard work.  I think we could have a whole page in Wikipedia under hard work titled “Lift Heavy Run Long Facebook Group” due to the volume of hard work shown here and the dedication so many of you show.  It’s impressive on any given day.  We lift heavy things, we run difficult miles, we climb hills and mountains and at the end of the day, we’ve had a life well lived.