It was necessary for me to raise the coverages on my insurance policies for my business. It is mind-numbing to think about the things that can go wrong in order to need the coverage that I must carry. It is even scarier to think about how quickly some of these things can happen. Unforeseeable problems are everywhere and can be very costly. Life is precious.

There is no insurance that can cover all of the possibilities. There are too many variables and life is too dynamic. It happens too fast.

Good decisions do not necessarily produce good outcomes and bad decisions do not always end in disaster.

There is a fine line between living a life of safety and fear.

If I find an insurance policy that covers all different possibilities than I have no aspirations for the impossible. If I am insured for all occasions then I am planning to live a life that has been lived before.

Insurance is softening the blow of future disasters in monthly installments paid in advance. The fact that we pay it is an acknowledgment that shit truly does happen, so I shouldn’t be surprised when it happens to me.

Make things happen today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,