I am running down the street when I see a lady pulling out of her driveway. She drives her big, fat, black, SUV down the street and does not even bother to move out of the way. She did not swerve to hit me but she also did not swerve to avoid me, either. My thought process was this:

(because I am a grown-up)

Then I thought, “I am going to knock down her mailbox or, better yet, find some roadkill and stuff it in there.”
(because I have such a high maturity level.)

After I settled down, I thought, “I should carry a spark plug or something that I can throw at someone’s vehicle and shatter their window when they do not move out of my way.”
(because I am not a deviant.)

As I continued along my way, it was hard not to think, “Who is the bad person here?” After all, one of us did not take special actions to move out of the way while the other one went straight to name-calling, malice and destruction of property.

I don’t know. It sure felt like I was right.

Irrational reactions to everyday behavior. I suffer from that.

There is always the option to move over to the shoulder for a second and enjoy the rest of my run.