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I’m not exactly sure what causes these things to happen, but when they do their is no sense in trying to resist. I get an itch and I have to scratch it. Sometimes, I don’t even itch, but I feel the need to search for a feather, so that I might create an itch to scratch. I feel like I have a NEED to obsess over something. I have this deep seeded desire to feel like I am chasing something. I am excited when I have a new toy, or hobby, or goal, and I must always be excited. I was playing on Facebook, as usual, when I received an interesting comment on the LHRL Athlete’s Page (which anyone is welcome to join). I brushed this particular comment off to the side, and just discarded it as a crazy comment that one of my crazy friends had made. It was harmless stuff, and I was certain that I would not give it another thought….but I did. I gave it a couple of more thoughts. I casually mentioned it to Von, and we agreed that it would be a cool thing to put on a bucket list, but nothing more. I decided that I was done thinking about it….but I wasn’t. I sent Brian Williams a text and inquired about the idea behind the comment. Dammit, this was such a dumb idea,  I was not sure why it kept swirling around in my head. I have sworn off this kind of non-sense. There is no need to do everything in such a BIG fashion. I just needed to relax…but I didn’t. I let it eat at me. I looked on the internet a bit, but not really. I had made up my mind. I just thought that it sounded cool, and I wanted a t-shirt that said I had done it. I laid in bed, and I started what I knew would be one of the shortest and easiest conversations I would ever have, and this is how it went:

Me: I wanna run the Grand Canyon, rim2rim2rim. Will you run it with me?

Amanda: [yawns] How far?

Me: I think between like 48 and 53miles.

Amanda: Yeah, that sounds interesting.

So there it was. What started off as a comment that my old football buddy, Joe Pedroli, had made, has now turned into a full fledged challenge. I got Joe to send me some information and that has been where my mind has stayed. No turning back now. I woke up this morning and couldn’t hardly keep my feet on the floor, I am so excited. Being that I cannot just leave it at running through the world’s largest hole, I decided that we better go big. I sent my buddy, Chris Perry, a text and asked if he wanted to train for it with me, and he was all on board. Now, I believe that going rim2rim2rim in one day is probably more of a challenge than I am willing to prepare myself to do, but I think that making a 2 day trip out of it would be incredible. I am in nowhere near the kind of shape and don’t have the speed that it would take to make the journey in one day, but I think I could build myself up to the 2 day challenge and still have room for a life in between. We have decided that we would like to achieve the goal of running rim2rim2rim in October of 2017. That gives us about 18 months and some change. This will give us plenty of time to get on the wagon, fall off, get back on etc. as well as enjoy the anticipation and enjoy the journey, all while documenting it on film. One day maybe my kids will be interested in looking back and remembering this time.


So here is what we decided, we are going to begin training, and documenting the journey with a few of us that are interested. We will keep our progress posted and try to get some others to join us in setting goals and trying to publicly accomplish them. We are not necessarily looking for people to accomplish this particular goal as much as we are hoping to find people willing to document whatever goal it is that they might have in mind. There is much argument as to whether publicly announcing goals makes you more likely to accomplish said goals or not, but I definitely think that it makes things more fun and interesting. Hopefully we can somewhat organize the footage in a way that will be interesting to watch.  I would like to get some video information about different people who are setting goals, and are willing to keep us updated on what those goals are. We want to stay in touch and follow people as they embark on accomplishing different events. We can share them on our YouTube channel and website, as well as encourage them along the way. I realize that most people are not going to be comfortable enough to video themselves, and send it out for just anyone to see, but it would be really cool to experience that and be a part of it. I don’t know if anyone will want to be a part of it, but mine and Chris’s fatasses will be, so if nothing else, that should give you something to laugh at, and we certainly want to laugh with you, cause this is supposed to be fun, correct? Correct.  I’m totally stoked about having a reason to train, and I’m also excited about the journaling, both bloggin and video, that will come with it.

Here is the way I see this working ***NONE OF THIS IS FINAL***:


  1. LHRL will post a form with a general question guideline for anyone interested in documenting their goal, whatever that goal may be.
  2. The individual will submit video footage to the  LHRL site each week by the submission deadline, answering questionnaire, along with any additional footage that you would like to include.
  3. Each week, LHRL will post another general question guideline for the participant to submit, along with any other footage that they might have.
  4. We will see who sticks to their goal and submits AT LEAST the weekly post requirement, and who gets The Gong and drops out.
  5. The goal must be at least a 6 month goal.
  6. At the end of 6 months we will vote on the winner and they will receive a check from LHRL in the amount of $500 (you pay your own damn taxes).

Until then, I’m excited to see how all of this pans out.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related.