Jackets are an inconvenience.

Most maintenance items are inconvenient. I have never worn jackets because they seem like a hassle. I can’t remember to put them back on after I take them. If it’s cold outside and someone reminds me to wear a jacket, I roll my eyes and begrudgingly go to the closet to fetch, what seems to me, to be a big, well-insulated waste of time.

While jackets are an inconvenience and something I rarely wear, catching colds and the flu is also inconvenient. Not only is getting sick an inconvenient for me but it’s also inconvenient to the people around me.

Warming up before a workout is an inconvenience.

Stretching after a workout is an inconvenience.

Washing the dirty clothes that comes with sweating in the gym is an inconvenience.

Meal prepping and logging food is an inconvenience.

However, injuries are inconvenient not only to me but to the people around me, with the constant whining, pining, moaning, and carrying-on. Stinky laundry piles are not very polite, attractive, or welcome. And, being fat, lazy, lethargic, and unhappy with myself are not characteristics that other people want in a person that is close to them.

Maybe I should stop looking at taking care of myself as being such an inconvenience and see it more of a way to express my love an appreciation for those around me. I could stand to be a little more thoughtful of those around.

Contrary to what I would like to believe, it is not all about me.

When I appreciate everything that I have, things are far much less inconvenient.

Have a great day today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,