Jason Dickenson – Ironman, Distance Runner

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Overweight and out of shape in Oct. July 2010.  Decided it was time to change that.  Ran in high school but was never amazing but I loved it so that’s what I went back to.  Signed up for a half marathon and started running lots and lots of miles with no crosstraining.  Ran 15 miles in my training before the half and went ahead and signed up for a full.  Some friends of mine kept pestering me about crossfit.  I was too close to the marathon to jump ships but I promised I would start after the marathon.  Ran Oklahoma City Memorial in 3:59:22.  Then I started crossfit.  Went in with strong lungs and legs but weak upper body.  Couldn’t even do a pullup.  Started to see results quickly and kept running.  Got into triathlons too.  Did my first sprint in March 2011.  14 months later I was on the starting line of Ironman Texas.  In between those I also discovered CFE.  Worked CFE training in with my normal crossfit at that point and continued to see results.  I always did real well in low weight met cons but still lacked real strength.  Then I discovered Outlaw training.  I now do what I consider to be a hybrid between outlaw and CFE.  Basically, I do a lot of olympic lifting and squats with some killer met cons and still run 3 times a week (mostly speed work, intervals, and time trials).  This combo has worked really well for me.  Here are my most current stats:
  • Houston Marathon-3:39:24
  • Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon-1:33:39
  • Baton Rouge Turkey Trot 5K-19:05
  • Ironman Tx-14:55:02
  • Capt’N Carls Mule Shoe Bend 60K-9:58:34
  • Longest run-63 miles-Ran as part of a relay team during the Capital to Coast 223 mile relay.  Ran my legs consecutively to see how far I could make it.
  • Fastest Mile-5:12
  • Back squat-355
  • Bench press-230
  • Clean and Jerk-220
  • Deadlift-425
  • Fran-5:20
  • Front squat-300
  • Grace-2:43
  • Helen-8:30
  • Overhead squat-175
  • Power snatch-160
  • Press – 170
  • Also rode several century rides and last september rode 500 miles from Colorado-New Mexico border to New Mexico-Texas border in 5 days.