I was hungry, I was tired, I was anxious, and I was pissed. I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so whatever I prepared was going to have to be done quickly. I decided that I should make two things:

  1. Lasagna
  2. Joy

In order to make both of these things, I needed about 90 seconds, a microwave, and some silence. I figured if I had gotten myself this pissed-off over situations that were largely over-inflated and partially imagined, I could calm myself with real-life memories that take me to a better place.

The most important ingredient for the preparation of the lasagna and joy was stillness. I had to get settled,  I had to get calm, and I had to get still. I imagined myself at our son’s soccer game. I watched our daughter playing in the distance with one of her friends that she knows from school. I had Amanda in the lawn chair next to me. Our son’s grandparents were making their way to the field to watch the game and to visit with Amanda and me. I was checking the scores of the SEC football games in between conversations, watching my son run up and down the field, and holding the hand of my wife.

I have healthy children, my body functions in most ways that it should the majority of the time, I have a beautiful wife, a loving family, a vehicle that runs, a house with a roof, a den with a recliner, a bed with sheets and a pantry with food. I have a job that provides income and I have friends that offer support. I have energy, an education, I have dreams, and now….


I have lasagna and a heaping helping of joy.

It’s amazing what getting still and finding gratitude can do for me if I just try it.

Have a great day.

Find joy in what you do.

And whenever possible, get still and eat lasagna.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,