We have a lot of judgement going on these days. People want to judge politicians, judge people who say they were harassed. You can go on Facebook or (especially) Twitter and see someone calling either the newest Supreme Court nomination or the woman who is accusing him of assault some flavor of a four letter word. Both sides are equally raging. Where is the middle ground? Where is the “I just want to do the right thing” person? It seems we don’t have a lot of that anymore. Can we ever again just be like…hey, I love you, did you do something really bad? Maybe you can’t hold a high position, but we still love and forgive you.  I think we need to learn to be honest and forgiving with one another.

I really miss this guy:

That’s Santa Clause (in case you didn’t know)! Yes it’s that time of year, and yes I love it and there will be more Christmas type posts from me over the next couple of months. There’s lots of stupid people in charge and there’s lots of dumb people doing lots of dumb things, but I think if we can shift our mindset to just look for the good in every situation we would be better off.  Or maybe just give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. Is that not what we have always been doing? Innocent until proven guilty? Maybe not, but that’s my two cents. I just think the Santa Clause way is to always love everyone and put them on the naughty list when we know  they did bad stuff.  I want to be more like Santa. 🙂

I feel like we deal with this a lot in the CrossFit community. Someone (including myself) in our community will do something really stupid, and then everyone will expect you as a coach to condemn them and tell them they don’t need to come around anymore. Yes, there are circumstances that probably allow this, but for the most part, we are coaches. That means we want to make people better. We want to help them be better people. So when they screw up, we should probably help them learn how to be better people and not screw up again. That’s the whole point, right? To be better people and support each other.

I think that we don’t open our minds enough to help people that have have really screwed up. I think that we need to be able to analyze a situation honestly and be welcoming to people who realize they want to be a better person. Because honestly if you are truly open to criticism and advice you will be ok with your friends or frenemies telling you how to fix your shit.