I grew up as an athlete participating mainly in swimming, dance, and gymnastics but never having an understanding of nutrition.  When college came around I stopped most of my workouts and continued eating whatever I wanted.  Health issues started surfacing during those college years: anxiety, acid reflux, acne, depression, IBS, chronic fatigue, migraines, panic attacks… My final year of undergrad I packed on 50 pounds.

My ‘before’ picture is from Christmas, where I should have been happy but instead I felt defeated. Seeing that picture is what helped me realize how far I had let myself go.  I decided to get back in the pool since swimming was what I knew best.  I would swim for 2 hours and then lift with a personal trainer and found it frustrating that the weight wasn’t changing much.  I quit working out and nearly admitted defeat again.
Then I walked into a health center and was introduced to Herbalife Nutrition. I decided it was time to commit to a proven product, and I began my Herbalife Nutrition plan without working out.  My first 3 months I lost 25 pounds with no exercise and I felt healthier and more energized than ever.  I was blown away by the results and gained back the confidence to start working out again.  I’ve gone on to lose 41 pounds of fat, 21% body fat, and put on 24 pounds of muscle.  Through my experience weight lifting and swimming, I’ve been introduced to some incredible triathletes and ultra marathon runners who have helped me practice the balance between strength and endurance. I am incredibly grateful for the doctors behind Herbalife and their athletic products that are now fueling us through our marathons, swim meets and gym sessions.
It feels amazing to be able to equip fellow athletes with the nutrition necessary to improve their ability and allow them to participate in what they love with more efficiency.   With my weight and mindset finally in a healthy space, I look forward to setting more goals as an athlete and crossing more finish lines!
-Kayla “Kiki” Roble

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