Many people question the work that we put in around this group. Lifting, running, cycling, Nordic skiing, etc. Sometimes I think we really are a special kind of crazy. And I love it!

Last week I rolled into the next half century. Had you told me 10 years ago that 2 days after my 50th birthday I would freestyle cross country ski for nearly 3 hours and go home feeling so great I’d do a 4 mile run all before lunch I would have laughed in your face. But that’s what I did. My success isn’t one thing. It’s every thing. Nutrition, sleep, strength, cardio, balance, and recovery. Every piece of the puzzle I put into play allows me to be where I want to be with my fitness.

It’s also all of you here proving that limits don’t exist except in our heads and in the words of others who want to challenge our choices. By showcasing your adventures and crazy ideas to the LHRL social media channels, you help raise the bar and encourage us all to rise to your level of crazy.

Thanks for being part of our group and keep the adventures rolling! ~Brenda~