I carry an extraordinary amount of keys on my keychain. I don’t know what most of the keys even go to. I keep the old ones on my keychain because they serve as markers for which keys go to what locks.

I remember that the key which I don’t remember, that goes to the lock that I forgot, is two keys before the brown key that I am not real sure of, which is next to my house key, that is in between my shop key and the old, square key,┬áthat I don’t think goes to anything….but I’m not exactly sure.

My keys are a system. It works for me. I could change it, and probably come up with a more efficient system, but that would require change, and I am afraid of change.

I brush my teeth while lying down. I start my electric toothbrush, I plop down on my bed, and I scroll through my phone. It helps to pass the suffering that comes with daily hygiene, and allows me to look at what went on the previous evening in the world of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’m not sure if there is a better system, but mine works for now.

From the time my feet hit the floor, until it is time for me to go to sleep, I am working off of systems that I have created. Many of the systems are inefficient, but all of them are familiar. I like automation and want as many things in my life to be as automated as they possibly can be. If it doesn’t fall in an automated category, then I spin and wander aimlessly, like I have been hit in the nose by a heavyweight prizefighter.

For me, it is all about workflow. It takes me four times the length of time to learn a new system than most people, but after I take the time to learn that system, I will continue to practice it until it is part of my routine. I will perfect every aspect of the workflow as I possibly can, until it is time to implement new systems.

The problem is that life updates every day. Each morning is a new patch, with a new update, that requires new software. It is important that I understand that I have a history of mastering the workflow, but it often just takes me a little bit of extra time to master it.

Implement automation.

Establish workflow.

Embrace the updates.

Accept the change.

That is my mantra for today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,