Some of you might remember Gary Cail from Episode #55. Gary was once over 400lbs and could not make the 40minute drive home from work without pulling into his usual parking lots to take a nap. With over 100lbs lost, Gary’s life is much different today.

Six-weeks ago as Gary was leaving the gym he began to have heart pains. He immediately knew that he was having a heart attack. Because of the years of neglect that Gary had shown for his body, he was seeing some consequences.

Being that Gary was in the hospital and about to have critical surgery, the many people who love him rallied around and decided to celebrate Gary while they could. His hospital room was always crammed full of people laughing, playing Fortnite, dealing cards, and pranking nurses (there was even a grown-man in an inflatable unicorn costume.) The doctors noted how instrumental Gary’s fitness was in the success of his surgery as well as his recovery.

On this episode, we get to look at things from Gary’s perspective as well as enjoy and appreciate the successful recovery and grateful outlook that he has on his life.

I think you will enjoy LHRL® #109 with Gary Cail.