I’ve lived in the Memphis area since I was 20 so I consider this home.  I stumbled upon fitness after coming out the darkest times I had ever know. Recovering from addiction was one thing but being left to deal with myself and the world unable to medicate was unbearable. For awhile smoking cigarettes was all I had left. One day while I was hiding on the side of my house smoking and looking at my 2 years old face pressed against the glass the feeling rushed over me this just wasn’t acceptable. I made the decision to quit and put on over 50 pounds in 1 year.  I hated myself and would cry in my car before I had to walk into a commitment. A new low. I began to notice my buddy Wilson and his lady Amanda were running and doing CF. More importantly, I saw my friend who once had a look similar to mine grow a twinkle in his eye. I wanted to twinkle. I NEEDED to twinkle. So I downloaded Couch to 5k and hit the pavement. I joined Orangetheory Fitness and Weight Watchers and over a period have lost 55 pounds. I’ve completed many 1/2 marathons and 1 full. This past March I ran the Big Buffalo 50k and have some upcoming events I am very excited about! The Big Hill Pond 50k and St Jude 1/2 are quickly approaching and The Dopey Challenge in January of 2019.  The goal is to keep signing up and showing up. To get better every day and not be so hard on myself. Today I know the gift is in each moment, not some finish line. My advice to a newcomer is never say never. Sign up for the unattainable and be amazed!