A native of Atlanta, Charlie moved to Memphis just over a year ago and quickly adapted to the running community. Finding more than mileage, she began training with Can’t Stop Endurance and found herself on multiple podiums throughout the year, including an age group win at the 2017 St. Jude half. Currently working to PR every distance and every race, she uses her training as a tool for dedication and mindful performance.

Charlie is both a runner and a yogi at heart. Beyond that, she has an impressive history with rock climbing, circus performance, and dance. she is known for her high energy, passion, and personal drive.
Above all, what motivates Charlie is possibility. A recovering addict, she has seen just how far people can come by overcoming countless obstacles of her own. She lives and breathes the mantra, “You have what it takes even if it takes everything you have.” In her relentless pursuit of self-betterment, she encourages everyone she meets along the way.