Allen Couch, Jr. lives in Hernando, MS with his wife Michelle and their three children.  Allen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Juris Doctorate from the University of Mississippi. He was recently elected to a 4th term as a DeSoto County Court Judge. Prior to taking the bench, he served as an Assistant District Attorney for the 17th Judicial District of Mississippi and before that, a partner with his father Allen, Sr., in the Couch Law Firm.

When not on the bench, Allen enjoys playing guitar and drums, hunting, woodworking, knife making, creative writing and travel. In other words, retirement cannot come soon enough!

Allen does not enjoy running however, but sees it as a means to an end. After following his wife around to numerous races and dubbing himself the “Race Sherpa” Allen decided to give it a try. Flirting with 300 lbs., it was time to do something. Since 2012, he’s completed dozens of marathons, ultras and recently, a 50 miler.

The obvious health benefits aside, perhaps the most meaningful byproduct of his running experience has been the new friends and faces that have entered his life.

“I’ve made some dear, lifelong friends that I would have never crossed paths with otherwise. Whether it’s our age, background or the town we live in, we simply would not have met on any meaningful level. I’m very grateful for that.”