This week we had the pleasure of conversing with our old friends Sean Hilsdon and Brian Williams. Brian and Sean are the Race Directors for the wildly successful Big Hill Pond Walking Tall 25k/50k.  The race is filling up fast so we hope you will sign up today.  Below is a little about what you can expect at BHP.

Big Hill Ponds 50/25k is run in Pocahontas TN.  It will be run Oct 19th 2019. The race will have 31 or 15.5 miles made up almost entirely of single track trail with only a little park road used to string out the competition.  The race features a fire tower that you will have to climb and a swamp boardwalk that is over a half mile across.  The name of the race comes from the history of the area and local sheriff Buford Pusser, who is known for his virtual one-man war on moonshining, prostitution, gambling, and other vices along the Mississippi-Tennessee state line.  The race will offer enough scenery and elevation for the most grizzled trail runner but should be doable for the well trained first timer.  This race will sell out! Register at