It’s our monthly installment of “Just the Hosts”. As usual, all bets are off and we spend an hour talking about whatever comes to mind. If the topic is fitness, that’s cool. If the topic is family, that’s cool too. It the topic is a week-long pizza and ice cream bender, well that is just part of it. This podcast is about friends getting together to entertain and enjoy each others company while getting to form new relationships along the way.

On this episode we talk about Thirsty and The Rev crushing Give Camp Memphis by building websites for non-profits (and how I waited by my phone all weekend waiting for the invitation but it never came. #sadface.)

We discuss Jacked and Tan getting back on point with her nutrition as she is dialing it all in with the help of Kate Lyman Nutrition.

We talk about the CrossFit Open and 19.1.

And, of course, we couldn’t have a show without the universally popular “Hypotheticals” segment brought to you by Ted Horrell.

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