Taylor Somerville is the Founder and CEO of The Long Game, LLC and Symmetry. Taylor worked in the investment business for over 15 years until 2017 when he decided to transition his career to focus full time on health and fitness and started his company, Symmetry. After going through a divorce in 2014, Taylor began focusing on his long time love of fitness and through that process, discovered breathwork as a way to deal with stress and anxiety.  Through breath work, Taylor was able to change how he responded to stressful situations and learned to respond instead of react.  In 2015, Taylor began working with a group called XPT, started by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. Through XPT, Taylor delved deeper into breathwork and learned about heat and ice contrast therapy.  After seeing the positive benefits in himself, Taylor felt a calling to help others with their stress and anxiety through XPT’s philosophies. In 2018, Taylor was invited by XPT to be a part of the first group of XPT certified coaches.

Realizing that he couldn’t sit behind a desk for the rest of his life moving money around, Taylor began telling his story and teaching others about the practices that helped him on a daily basis.  Symmetry’s mission is to change people’s relationship with stress and show them how small changes in their lives can produce massive results. 

Along with being a certified XPT coach, Taylor holds the Art of Breath certification, is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer and holds the Crossfit  Aerobic Capacity certificate. He also completed the World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour race around Lake Las Vegas in November 2017.

Instagram @tsomerv and @symmetry.live

Website www.symmetry.live

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