Guess what?

We got Big Thirsty a new toy. We upped the ante and hardwired the studio for internet access. Thirsty is now our official “fact checker” and information provider for the Lift Heavy Run Long® Podcast. It should be fun to interact with the FB Live audience as well as provide links to the different topics that we discuss on the podcast. We are excited about the future of LHRL and we are thrilled that you are a part of it.

Post any topics, questions or suggestions that you would like to hear discussed on the podcast within the LHRL Community on FB and we will be happy to talk about them.

Here is a rundown of what went on this week on the show:

Definitely check out Von’s new podcast, the Find My Way Podcast where he connects with successful people in an effort to learn, understand and implements some of the techniques which help them maintain an edge.

The legend of Cliff Young. 61 year old farmer who won the world’s toughest race.

Today in fitness history (that did not happen today) TRIVIA – Charilaos Vasilakos of Greece wins 1st modern marathon at the Panhellenic Games in 3 hours 18 minutes.

Possibly Von’s next endurance challenge.

Summer Smash weight loss challenge OBCF.
We get into challenges and the differing opinions about their effectiveness.

And of course, our world famous “Hypotheticals” segment::

1. You are leading an army when a superior enemy army is spotted approaching on your position.
You can retreat, which has a 70% chance of succeeding or you could fire a new experimental weapon which has a 90% chance of annihilating the enemy army, but also has a 30% chance of causing so much damage that your army is wiped out.
What do you do?

2. Five years ago, how do you think you would have answered the question: where do you see yourself in 5 years? If it’s not where you are today, are you happy with the changes?