Another week, another podcast.

Y’all ready for this, cause here we go. This is the lightning round of things discussed on the podcast:

Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon complete the Gerorgia Death Race

“Two for flinching.” The frog and the deadleg.

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Diane Wood signed up for tunnel Hill 50!
Elijah is doing his first “official” 50k this Saturday.

Patrick McChesney- “Best way to find new trails in a new area. I’m moving from AZ to AL and would like as little downtime as possible. Recommendations on apps or websites or whatever would be great.” THE APP IS ALLTRAILS. Great app!

Rebekah HicksOveruse injuries. And why my friends can run ridiculous distances but when I try there is Always another injury I haven’t had yet…And running a marathon With overtraining injuries because Yer Stubborn.

Tony Whelan– Weirdest things you’ve seen in a race – so weird when it’s over you actually wonder if it really happened. Years later, you still wonder…

Participant stats for the CF Open. (The scoring is terrible in my opinion…no one else seems to agree but they are wrong..)

Barkley Marathons- No finishers. John Kelly dropped after 2 laps.
Jared Campbell, a three-time Barkley Marathon finisher, had to drop out in 2019 due to a severe ankle injury on the first descent.
A total of 28 people finished loop one, though only 22 went on to attempt loop two. Out of 40!

Would you rather only be able to run road races but only train on trails?
Or only run trail races while only training on the road?

If a man jumps off a 50 story building and gets shot halfway to the ground, is it considered Suicide or Murder?

Man does 100-mile ultramarathon in smart shoes and jeans: