Yet another large time was had on the LHRL® podcast this week. It was a lot to squeeze into one hour but we got it done. Wanna know what we talked about but don’t wanna hear us talk about it? I don’t blame you, that’s why I put the topics and the links below.

Wilson and Amanda are running Ragnar Trail in Atlanta this weekend.

Glassman’s ex-wife to marry some dude that killed another dude in a treehouse shanty. And what the hell is a shanty? Can anyone answer that?
What is the difference between a treehouse and a treehouse shanty?

Runner Still Missing After Starting Malaysian Ultra 10 Days Ago. Some guy, whose name I clearly don’t remember, was running a 20k and has been missing for 10days. Yikes.

A very sad week in the lives of CrossFitters as Becky Conzelman passed away. I did not know much about her but judging by the mourners and supporters she was obviously an incredible lady with an outstanding reputation of goodness and Godliness.

Pre-workout — You drink it?
Thoughts on it?
We were unanimously in favor of Driven Nutrition. It’s worth a shot, I think you will like it.

And, of course, HYPOTHETICALS-
1. If you could run any race in the world without concern for cost or if you would finish it, what race would it be?

2. If you had to have one, would you prefer to have webbed hands or feet? Which do you think would have more practical applications?

3. If an incredibly contagious version of the flu was found and a lot of people were dying, what would you do? Would you try and run to the country? Hold up in your house?

See you next week! Tuesday, 7:10pm cst on Lift Heavy Run Long’s FB page