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Amanda and I did a trail Ragnar in Atlanta which was great fun.

Austin Malleolo deadlifts 600 pounds on the same day that he runs the Boston Marathon.
“My goal was to deadlift 600 pounds and run the Boston Marathon in the same day! I figured not many people can do that and it proves the CrossFit methodology is potent and effective and we can create athletes that can have capacity at different ends of the spectrum!”

70-year-old breaks world record with 2:54:53 marathon at 6:39 per mile.

CrossFit Removes Footwear Restrictions at the CrossFit Games

Sanctionals Qualification, We Need a Better Process (OPINION)

 NFL Coach allowing players to take social media breaks every 20-30 minutes. (I think there is a conversation to be had about attention span, what’s really important and the changing of the times…..there weren’t online coaches 15 years ago.)

Here is how fast you need to run to qualify for the Olympics:
The new entry standards:
Marathon: 2:29:30 (W), 2:11:30 (M)
10,000m: 31:25.00 (W), 27:28.00 (M)
5000m: 15:10.00 (W), 13:13.50 (M)
1500m: 4:04.20 (W), 3:35.00 (M)