Another week, another podcast!
Here is a rundown of what was discussed on Episode #145.

People are totally pissed over this Devon Ford guy. I don’t know much about him but folks don’t seem to like him very much.

Teenager Matthew Boling shatters all-time high school 100m record in ridiculous time. Under 10 seconds! He ran a 9.98 in the final. Fastest HS time EVER RECORDED BY MANKIND.

CBD Oil. Interested to your thoughts on it. Effective? Dangerous? Dumb? Awesome?

LHRL Community News-
When asked what pre-workout most people drank before going to the gym, almost nobody named a powdered pre-workout favorite? This surprised me.


1. Would You rather be the worst at your job and work extremely hard at it while naturally being the best runner or would you rather be the bet at your job and the worst at running while training your ass off for it.

2. If You Got To Choose Between Fifty Years Of Being Incredibly Happy Or To Live Forever And Be mildly content What Would You Choose?

Any thoughts on this Marathon Investigator guy? He seems pretty intense. Opinions seem to vary.