Stage Fright, also referred to as  ‘avoidant paruresis’, ‘shy bladder syndrome’, ‘psychogenic urinary retention’ and ‘pee-phobia’, is the world’s second leading killer behind heart attacks, Malaria and Polio. We discuss it and it will likely change your life…or make you change podcasts.

Nurse marathon- Guinness denied because she was wearing scrubs and not a nurses dress.

Man breaks 100k record running backwards.

CrossFit News:

CrossFit box owner put a hidden camera in his gym and sent a dickpic to minor.

Middle-aged men run faster marathons than 20 somethings. 

One-Ton Challenge

LHRL Community News-
Girl squats 400 pounds. Guy immediately questions the benefit of spotters, ignoring the fact that she just squatted 400 freaking pounds. Tells her to learn to dump weight. People are so bothered by the success of others.

Billy the 100 Mile Slayer- Billy has ran 14 100 mile races in 16 weeks,. His current streak is  7 consecutive weekends,. 30 more remain on the schedule.  Current world record is 41 in a year (carries American flag the whole way.)

If you were torturing someone with music, what is the one track you would play on repeat for days on end?
If you were to organize an endurance race with a twist to level the playing field, what would the rules be?