Let us proceed. I know you are busy.

A quick rundown of what’s going on with the hosts:

Has new outfits.
Managed to get poison ivy in his eyes.
Sprayed an attacking dog with pepper spray.
Admits to buying large quantities of Taco Bell prior to running so as he can enjoy it on after.

Jacked and Tan-
Thinks Beefcake is a pansy for spraying dog.
Gets a treadmill.
It is discovered that Amanda’s 5th-grade project could have won a Pulitzer Prize.

Has kidneys tested. Finds he has outstanding guts.
Claims to be too weak to hold a route 44 slushee to his mouth. Believes that 2 weeks out of weightlifting has turned him into the world’s weakest person.
Has been beaten by his children in arm wrestling.
Is adamant that crunchy peanut butter makes you a better person than smooth.

Has never heard of Indian Leg Wrestling.
Continues to steer clear of fitness related activities.
Uses excuse for not running a race by saying, “I was planning to go out of town…but now I am not.”

Here is what else:

Crossfit leaves social media

Lady lifts the 400lb Hasafell stone

48-year-old lady qualifies for Olympic trials

World record for plank held by a woman, 4 hours and 20 minutes

82% of marijuana users say they partake before/after physical exercise