LHRL® #150 – A world class eating and running competition

Sam Renfrow decided to stir the pot. Gavin May is a world-class eater, as is Wilson. Sam managed to mix the words harshly enough to where the only way that Gavin and Wilson can maintain their friendship is to settle a score. The date has been set for Saturday, July 20th where Wilson and Gavin will sit down across a table from one another and see who can eat the greatest amount of pizza to benefit the Chris Hope Foundation. The details are still being ironed out but as of right now we are looking at planning a four-hour trail run at Tour De Wolf in Shelby Farms and immediately going to Rizzi’s Pizza Cafe in Arlington, Tn to try and tackle their 28″ monster pizza. Details to follow soon.

Also on the show this week:

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Do not forget to register for the Chris Hope 5k and Big Hill Pond/Walking Tall 25k/50k:
Chris Hope 5k Sat. Oct 5, 2019

Big Hill Pond Walking Tall 25k/50k  October 19, 2019