This week on the Lift Heavy Run Long® Podcast:

Amanda has to put Von in a sleeper hold just moments before going live because he insists on talking politics.

Each of us shares a victory that we had in our lives as well as things we are working on to be better humans.

Jennifer Smith becomes the heaviest female to finish a marathon at 346lbs.

Mom Runs 3:11 Marathon With a Triple Stroller While Pushing 185 Pounds 7:20 pace

Hunter McIntyre gets wildcarded into Crossfit Games. Many differing opinions on this but he is certainly not phased by it, saying“I don’t mind getting my ass beat. I love challenges. I think this is a great opportunity for myself to reassess who I am as a person, define myself as a person and reinvigorate my career,” he said.
“I have a list of names of people that I think about. They’re all there, and they’ve all talked trash about me, but I’m coming.”

Hunter McIntyre Thinks He Deserves CrossFit Games Wildcard