Raised on a farm in a small town of a little over 200 people Ron Bogart met a city girl and moved to the city. He had some kids, got fat, got skinny, got fat again and then got healthy. Played a bunch of Racquetball, Joined  Crossfit Springfield in 2010 and got back into running and cycling. By 2015 he had completed the Pikes Peak Marathon which sounds as scary as it is. In 2016 qualified for the USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships which he didn’t attend. The summer of 2017 came across the LHRL podcast, bought the deadlift program and went from a 340# DL to 400 by 2018. Since I was turning 50 in 2018 decided to run 50 miles to make my entrance into the 400/50 club. In 2019 launched the Legion of Longevity page to help ageing athletes and regular people expand the health span of their life span. Their mission is to help those who care about a long and full health span learn some of the best and most sustainable nutrition and training practices for people at all levels. The vision is that members of this group will improve their own journey as well as share it with their friends and aging parents. The ultimate hope is that everyone that chooses to live a full life will live a life of active abundance. The original idea is to have a bunch of fun embracing aging while fighting frailty.