There have been some conflicting stories regarding Big Thirsty’s trip to Area 51 so we will just have to take his word for it.

Von’s father-in-law, Denis passed away this week. He was a financial backer in Olive Branch CrossFit. It probably just seemed like another check or a typical loan to Denis but without that, LHRL® does not exist, our CF community does not exist, my relationship with these people does not exist and my marriage does not exist. Every action has significance.

Wilson snuck off and participate in A Race for the Ages which is a race put on by Lazarus Lakes which gives you as many hours as you have years of life to finish as many one mile loops on a paved road as possible. He was hoping for 100…..he finished with 54. It was a great experience but left him wanting more and wishing he had done better.

Some of the things to take note of include:

Chris Hope 5k Sat. Oct 5, 2019

Big Hill Pond Walking Tall 25k/50k  October 19, 2019

Carol Swanson’s memorial workout on October 12 at Olive Branch CrossFit.

Crystal Lander’s “One More 24 Sober Fun Run” November 23-24 in southeast Missouri. More details to come but please join the FB group even if you can’t make it, as there will be plenty of inspirational stories.