Von was out because he lost his voice, which is kinda needed for a podcast. We had Slammin Sammy Renfrow work the camera and act as a host. Sam is one of the LHRL community’s favorite people and I hope to have him fill in more often.

Amanda is out of her boot and ready to get back in the swing of things. Thirsty sold his downtown condo, leaving hundreds of friends and family members with no place to pee or shower when attending downtown events. Wilson has a new lemonade habit but he has fought worse demons.


The CrossFit Open is coming up…and no one gives a shit.

We reached deep and brought out a hypothetical:
“Would you rather be 65 years old and have $50million in the bank or be 10 years old and know everything that you do right now?”
We all chose to go back to 10, except for Sammy. Sammy was all about the rich geezer jam.

Thanks for listening. Tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat place.