Lift Heavy Run Long® #164-
Ultra season is fast approaching. In the mid-south, it appears that summer is going to last forever. Wilson thinks it ends next week; Thirtsy thinks we have one more heat wave coming at us.

The 24-hour race is coming up. Last year Wilson had a wardrobe malfunction, as his nipple covers kept falling off. Von doesn’t need nipple covers because his are so powerful. It’s like he has titanium tits.

Von gets reprimanded by his neighborhood association for using dirty words. He also tells me my favorite story of the time when Old Man Larry’s son got pissed because Von called his dad, Old Man Larry.

Is it important that members do good reps in a CrossFit gym or just mind your own business?

Should coaches coach when members don’t want to be told what to do?

We had two reviews so my life is pretty much complete. Tune in next week and we will see what other sort of ridiculousness is in store.

Thanks for listening and being a part of Lift Heavy Run Long!