We got the band back together.

It seems like it has been forever since the four of us have been on the same podcast together. Life has been hectic, so we have been adjusting schedules to make sure that we can all be together.

On Lift Heavy Run Long #166 we talk about Walking Tall 50k and The World’s Greatest Aid Station. It seems that Amanda and Von get just as much out of helping people to finish a race than they do running the race itself.

We have Tunnel Hill coming up next week and there is always a wonderful turnout of LHRL people. So excited for that!

Wilson has been waddling around on the treadmill and has rediscovered how much listening to music affects his enjoyment of running. He has also realized that he is very old and that running fast is a bad idea.

Wade’s Big Adventure was literally underwater. People had to swim parts of the trail race with portions that had water over 2′ over their heads.

Vicki Thunstrom has harnessed the power of a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries and PR’ing her deadlift because of it, thereby coining the hashtag #McDeadlift.

It was a great show and we hope you all enjoy it. Monday’s will likely be our new podcast time for the foreseeable future. Until next week!