This week on the Lift Heavy Run Long® Podcast we are back in full swing after an awesome holiday season. Everyone is so stoked about 2020 and the energy is good. On episode #174  we had our favorite guest, Gary Owens and we discuss the following:

  1. NordicTrack continues to suck. 6 weeks into a service call/warranty issue and no one has addressed it. They actually fired the last service tech that was scheduled to repair.
  2. Big Thirsty gets everyone’s goals for the new year.
  3. Gary Owens officially kinda announces his attempt to break the 100mile record at Tunnel Hill in 2020.
  4. We read one review and save the other one…because having reviews is awesome.
  5. Wilson got glasses but can’t see out of them. Not sure it is supposed to work that way.
  6. Are mexican cokes healthier than ‘merican cokes?
  7. We ramble on about some other fitness stuff but it’s all pretty stupid, really….but you already knew that.