We are back in the saddle with Lift Heavy Run Long® #188. Here is a rundown of how this shook out:

Amanda is back regular at Olive Branch CrossFit and pretty she will not survive after tonight’s workout.

Von constructs his COVID-free trust circle of friends and we all want to be on the list.

Thirsty covers himself in poison oak after doing yardwork against Katie’s better advice.

Wilson had a sore throat…which he decided was COVID…then had a leaking CPAP drying out his eyes…which he googled to be pink-eye…then WebMD said that 1% of COVID patients have pink-eye, so he will likely die soon.

As usual, we derail on an unrelated topic. This week was COVID as if you don’t already hear enough about that. However, if you listen to us regularly, you go into it knowing that we are probably going to waste your time and you will be no better because of it.