Lift Heavy Run Long Episode #194 in a nutshell:

Melisa Burgess runs 50 miles.
Crystal “Pistol Landers” completes hundo.
Gavin May wins 25k.

Amanda calls podcast cringeworthy…at least when she is not on.

Von claims the people who like orange drinks are a “type”; continues his profiling by lumping Croc wearers as Nickleback listeners. (He was given a yellow card and probation for stereotyping). Says he gets sad when he buys the wrong popcorn.

Thirsty talks about the proper way to make Tang while wrestling an in-home Armadillo intruder. Claims it made “a noise”- not clear on what that noise was yet.

Wilson eats box of Frosted Flakes and shares the experience.

Correct way to mix Hershey syrup with milk?

Boulillion cubes in place of snuff. Should they used at aid stations with hot water?

The Octopus Teacher.

Fun Facts:
There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name what is it?
Do you know why Chicago is called the “Windy City”?
Armadillo shells are bulletproof
Kleenex tissues were originally intended for gas masks