Lift Heavy Run Long #203 speed round:

-Von returns from Disney World.

-Barkley Marathon goes 3rd straight year without a finisher.

-Laz rips Camel non-filtered.

-FB is watching. It’s amazing.

-Spring weather is here!! Life is good

-Will Fall races be post-covid-normal?

-Useless knowledge:

London cabbies have to memorize literally everything.

If you take a taxicab in London, you can expect the driver to know exactly where they are going, since they are required to take a series of tests known as The Knowledge. These require them to study 320 routes and 25,000 streets, not to mention 20,000 landmarks and places of public interest—estimated to take as long as four years to fully complete.

Sears used to sell houses.

Before every city had a Walmart, most Americans got their stuff from mail-order catalogs, such as Sears. Among its many, many offerings were so-called “kit houses,” or entire homes that were shipped on a train. You had to assemble the house yourself using the 75-page instruction book. It was like Ikea on steroids.

There’s an encrypted monument outside the CIA.

A sculpture outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, fittingly includes uncracked codes. Created by artist Jim Sanborn, the sculpture features four inscriptions, three of which have been cracked, but the forth is still a mystery. (Though in 2010 the artist offered one clue: The letters NYPVTT are an encryption of the word BERLIN.)