Lift Heavy Run Long® #204 is coming at you hot!!

🚨 Attention 🚨

2022 Swift and Swole to benefit the Chris Hope Foundation is in the works. We are looking to organize a 12-hour endurance event consisting of teams acquiring miles and reps in a fun and friendly competition involving as many active people and fitness organizations as we can find. LHRL® is a community and this event will serve to strengthen the community and include as many different people as possible within it. Get ready, cause it is gonna be 🔥.

The LHRL® App has been submitted to the Slack store for approval. I worked really, really hard on it. There is much to be desired in it’s functionality but I believe it is a pretty good start and it could be useful to help individuals accomplish their goals. You can check it out here:

Add to Slack

Check out the podcast to get the skinny on things but just remember that the 2022 Swift and Swole event is in the works and it’s going to be huge.