Lift Heavy Run Long® #205, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our friend, Michael Hirons. Michael is a resident of Wynn, Arkansas and an advocate of the trail running community. At one point in time, Michael weighted almost 400lbs before making some changes in his nutrition and buying a bike. It wasn’t long before he found himself shedding some lbs and feeling comfortable enough to try his hand at running. After a few 5ks, he had caught the bug. It wasn’t long until he complete his first trail run at the Sylamore 25k and decided to put on a race of his own as the Race Director of Village Creek 10K/25K. Village Creek just finished up it’s 8th year and the first annual Almira 50miler and marathon will take place on May 1, 2021.

We are fortunate to get to spend time with folks like Michael and look forward to many years and many trail miles with him in the future. We enjoyed some great conversation before inevetbly jumping the tracks and veering into ridiculousville…

Here is what the LHRL podcast derailed looked like:
– Swift n Swole event 2022
– Do you clip tags off ur clothes, bite them or rip them.
– Amanda called Grimmace, Hummus off McDonald’s
– Ted Lasso
– When do you say dinner and/or supper?

Thanks for tuning in!