So, I really, really like Melisa Burgess.

Who doesn’t? Everybody does.

She is a close friend of the LHRL® community.

When Melisa has a panic attack on the side of a cliff at this year’s Sylamore 25k/50k, there were 2 complete strangers who stopped their race and literally talked Melisa down from the edge. They spoke to her, held her hand and walked her to safety.

I don’t know if I am making a bigger deal out of it than necessary or maybe it is my selfish nature that makes it so hard for me to get a grasp on how any two stranger could be so altruistic.

Anyways, meet Becky Duncan and Caleb Sweazy. These are the two very fine people who were kind enough to stop and take care of our friend. We sat down and chatted with them and had the opportunity to learn more about them as people. They did not disappoint.

I have always loved getting to know new people on the podcast, Becky and Caleb are no exception. They give a whole new meaning to “Be good to others.”

Any trail-runner worth their salt-stick knows that a trail race is about more than their finish time. Becky and Caleb proved this to be very, very true.