Lift Heavy Run Long #212 got us back together and back on track after an extended break. We were fortunate enough to have our friend Derek Baker be willing to sit down and visit with us. Derek is a 20+ veteran of the Navy and spent a great deal of time in the bodybuilding/powerlifting space before a youtube video got him to thinking about what it would be like to run an ultra-marathon.

Derek committed himself to running an ultra-marathon before he had even complete his first mile. He, admittedly, did not have any idea what he was doing and just decided to hit the bricks and start running. Derek signed up for  a 50K and in 5-weeks had dropped almost 35 pounds and was carrying significantly less weight than his previous 250lb frame was use to carrying. Ever since his first ultra, he has been on a tear.

Derek has finished 2- 100mile races (one of which was on a treadmill!). Just last week he completed the Barkley Fall Classic and has more races coming down the pipes. Often described as the humble and “PG” version of David Goggins, Derek’s intensity, focus, kindness and humility are some of the things that make him such a jewel in the trail-running community.

I am sure that you will enjoy our time that we spent with Derek just as much as we did!!


Thanks for tuning it.