Ed Thomas

Ed Thomas is 57 year old endurance athlete, who, believe it or not, did not enter the field of ultra running until he was 51 years of age. Ed has always been an athlete but didn’t start distance running until June of 2010. Since Oct. of 2010,  He has ran over 20 marathons and 20 ultra marathons (along with a plethora of shorter distances). You might  say that Ed went “all in” when he started running. In 2014,  he had two top tens in 100-milers, won a 12-hour race, as well as a 50K. Ed completed the Arrowhead 135,  and this past April I ran the Barkley Marathons. 2017 is going to contain l heavy racing schedule, along with some difficult challenges. Ed likes his races to be difficult. He wants them to be hard. He believes that nothing comes easy in life, and you can’t accomplish anything in life without the risk of failure.

I feel sure that you will enjoy.


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Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,