Melly Maronde
Not fast.. just furious!
Melly started her fitness adventures later in life. It wasn’t until she was 37 years old, to be exact. Since then, she has participated in several CrossFit events, but migrated to the endurance side of things. To date, she has completed 20 half marathons: road, trail, and on the rowing machine. She has completed three full marathons, and seven ultra marathons, including a painful 100 miler. Melly also completed several cycling distances from 30 miles to 60 miles, as well as competed in  several Triathlons.She is a self-described “weekend warrior”. She trains weekly to maintain her fitness and condition, but considers herself to be very much an average athlete (which might be an overly humble statement). 
Most weekends you will find her doing something crazy, somewhere in the world. During the week, she spends her days at work and the evenings with here family: a husband, a son, 5 cats and two dogs. When it comes to training, Melly trains in her garage gym. She uses a combination of lifting, rowing, assault air biking and running. Melly believes you can accomplish most anything if you put in the work, train your mind, and have self discipline. Her favorite quote is: “Victory Belongs To The Most Persevering.” In order to be victorious you have to persevere.
We had a great time getting to know Melly, and look forward to keeping up with her progress!
Lift Heavy Run Long.