Show Notes and all the -ish
0:00-3:10 Opening and Outtakes
3:10-10:00 The origin of D1 and D1 Sports Medicine
10:00-20:00 Greg’s education. Mississippi State sucking at football. Greg and Von’s crazy, drug fueled, sex filled, neighborhood parties. (J/K Von had to go to bed at like 8pm)
20:00-30:00 Greg gets his lights put out on the football field. Wilson gets the hell beat out of him by an NFL star, and Von sells beer to 10 year old kids while frying fish in baking soda.
30:00-40:00 More about Von cooking at a gas station with an illegal card game. Greg talks about starting CrossFit and getting BACK into distance running.
40:00-50:00 Von and Greg talk about smoking marathons with very few training miles. Greg goes for the 50mile/400Deadlift Club. Greg bullies his customers. Wilson makes some incredibly bad decisions at the 2015 Sylamore 50k…before the race even started.
50:00-1:00:00 Wade’s Big Adventure and the time that Wilson kicked Von and Greg’s ass in a 15K,because they just don’t have the motor that I got….and they took a wrong turn.
1:00:00-1:10:00 The importance of physical fitness. The mental game of keeping a winning edge.
1:10:00-1:18:00 Finding your bliss
1:18:00-End Special thanks to Ted Horrell and the Monday Night Card

Greg Perry, PT, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University. He received his Physical Therapy degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Greg has worked in and managed operations in the physician ancillary services space with an emphasis in outpatient orthopedic arena of physical therapy since graduation. His work experience includes outpaitent orthopedics, NCV/EMG, MRI, Industrial Rehabilitation, private practice physical therapy and physician based rehabilitation clinics. Prior to forming D1 Sports Medicine Greg served as a Clinic Director for an Occupational Medicine clinic, an Area Director with national physical therapy company, and as an Area Rehab Director, Regional Rehab Director, and Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officers for another national physical therapy company.
Greg founded D1 Sports Medicine along with his partners to meet a need in marketplace that he had not been able to find and that is merging performance training and physical therapy prinicals into a model that gives the patient the best possible outcome for his or her physical cabilities.
In his leisure time, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, weight training, running, golf, travel, and the outdoors. Greg and his wife, Maria, live in Olive Branch, MS, with their daughter Campbell.
Greg was an decorated track and cross-country runner in high school winning the district championship his senior year and being named All-State his junior and senior year. Greg has always had a passion for weight training, but hit a new enthusiasm for fitness and a new-found love for running in 2013. Greg has competed in everything from 5k’s to 50k’s on the road and on the trail with some obstacles races such as Spartan thrown in for good measure.