David Gross is Head Coach and Co-owner at Faction Strength and Conditioning. He specializes in the prescription of strength and conditioning through personal assessment. Individualization is the core of the training programs he develops for his athletes. “Of course no two athletes are the same – I believe their training program should reflect those differences. Many people come into Faction with an idea of what they want to achieve – I specialize in working with them to refine that goal into something that’s attainable and prescribed for their unique needs. I make sure there’s a good mix between what they want and what I know they need. That’s how we develop Faction athletes for life.”

Coach David connects with our athletes further upstream to identify other factors in their lives that may be holding them back from reaching their strength and aesthetic goals. “I consider myself a life coach. I’ll make you sweat, but our relationship is more than that. We’re always working to be better than yesterday, and sometimes that means discussing how negative lifestyle habits are getting in the way. My athletes are awesome. Most are very open-minded to our disruptive way of coaching – and if they’re not at first, they quickly blow past their inhibitions and self-imposed limits. That’s what I love about coaching at Faction. The physical body is a reflection of the mind, and we have some great minds to work with as a solid starting point.”

To say Coach David is passionate about helping his athletes reach their goals is an understatement. Helping others succeed is his #1 motivator and has been for most of his life. “Coaching is in my nature. I started coaching strength and conditioning when I was in the military. I happily made this my second job, and it quickly became my passion. Through much uncertainty, I made the decision to leave behind the career stability of being in the Navy to be an unpaid intern at a gym. Some thought that I was crazy, but I had a vision – it was a little blurry at the time, but it was there and I was passionate about it! Through much trial and error, and some great mentors (now my business partners) I’ve found my calling at Faction Strength and Conditioning. My passion for coaching and our community grows with every passing WOD.”

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