If you are from the North Mississippi area and have any interest in running, then you are most likely familiar with the names Kathy and Gary Owens. Kathy and Gary are leaders of the group The DeSoto Runners Club and they play a vital role in organizing group runs, as well as encouraging people to get out and be active.

I took an instant liking to Gary and Kathy. They have a playfulness about them, and they don’t seem to take it all too seriously. They both place fitness as a priority in their life, but they also believe that living life is important as well. It is refreshing to hear them speak of their lack of a training plan, but yet they stay very active.

I always get a good feeling whenever I see the two of them either at local races races or at CrossFit events. I am working on roping Gary into trail running so I can drag him to some of the weekend events, where everyone lets loose and has all kinds of fun.

Thank you Kathy and Gary for being such an important part of the Olive Branch fitness community and for being guests on the LHRL Podcast.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,