Samuel Hartman is a weightlifter, ultrarunner, and coach. He is the director of Clintonville Barbell, a USAW-affiliated weightlifting club in Columbus, OH. Samuel has been running for many years and has dabbled in everything from road cycling to rock climbing. After starting CrossFit in 2011, he transitioned to Olympic weightlifting in 2014 and began to compete at a local meets. He competed in his first national meet, the American Open Series 1, in March of 2019 as a masters athlete. 

Samuel has been an ethical vegan since 2006 and wants to show that one can be a successful strength and endurance athlete on a plant-based diet. Samuel enjoys discussing topics such as artificial intelligence, Dataism, ethics, and where to find the best vegan pizza. 

He is currently training for the Warhammer 100 Miler in June of 2019. @sam_metal


1 mile: 6:33
5k: 22:09
10k: 49:03
50k: 7:02:00
50M: 14:35:05
100k: 17:58:39
Deadlift: 210kg / 463lb
Back Squat: 183kg / 403lb
Front Squat: 155kg / 342lb
Snatch: 92kg / 203lb
C&J: 116kg / 256lb